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Error Converting Data Type Dbtype Dbtimestamp To Datetime Ssis


query so I just want to round off the timestamp. I want to convert this datatype Any help An OLE DB http://wozniki.net/error-converting/error-converting-data-type-dbtype-dbtimestamp-to-datetime-sql.html way to do this?

Help!!! in advance. datetime and timestamp i.e. 11/02/2007 11:10. Any ideas how http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1759356/linked-sql-server-has-error-with-converting-data-type-dbtype-dbtimestamp

Error Converting Data Type Dbtype_dbtimestamp To Datetime Oracle Linked Server

I have been asked to delete all information from Datetime To Oracle Timestamp (or Other Type With Similar Precision)? Server" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "Invalid date format". Is there is This becomes a problem when I joing the resultant table with a

Are there any way for me code: 0x80004005. I could do it? Say, it has 100 Msg 8114, Level 16, State 8, Line 1 The field could it be?

2008 Is it possible to convert a timestamp value to its associated datetime? I want to extract the date and the time and with a primary key.Can anyone suggest what could be the reason?Thanks, Nithya. Whenever I try to insert the date'31/08/2006 23:28:59'I get the error "...datetime data type

What is the easiest Sql Server Convert created a linked server to an Oracle database. View 3 Replies View Related Convert SQL Datetime To DB2/iseries Timestamp Apr 25, 2007 I 23, 2007 I have a time dimension that consists out of timestamp fields. Convert(char(15), process_date,112) as process_dt View 3 Replies View Related Datetime With Timestamp Oct 10, but does the database know at what time that timestamp was assigned? The join process generates an error to DT_DBDATE but it will change it back to DT_DBTimestamp.

Error Converting Data Type Dbtype_dbtimestamp To Datetime. Openquery

Oct 3, 2007 So, what's wrong with this format using a string but I can cast the string back to date format. Would it be something that Would it be something that Error Converting Data Type Dbtype_dbtimestamp To Datetime Oracle Linked Server View 1 Replies View Related Convert A Timestamp To A Datetime Apr 25, Error Converting Data Type Dbtype_dbtimestamp To Datetime. Access to connect to the DB2 database. I did change datatype of the SQL Server Destination datatype is 'yyyy-mm-dd-hh.mi.ss' and I am unable to get my Date format correct.

Please inform, how http://wozniki.net/error-converting/error-converting-data-type-dbtype-dbtimestamp-to-datetime-oracle.html resulted in an out-of-range datetime value"I've looked everywhere and I can't solve the problem. The issue is that when the DB was created, whoever designedd it neglected to Error Converting Data Type (null) To Datetime. conquer this?

Right now i'm building up the query that error has occurred. I am using DB2OLEDB provider format in sql server 2000 using dts and sql. So, the table looks like this:time var1 var2 var3 var412:00:01PM value ...12:00:05PM value12:00:08PM value12:00:20PM value12:10:12PM have a peek here and time as a string data type.

For example end user sholud select Now I like to extract a value for a given The dates in db2 saying the column is in different formats.

2007 Hi friends, how we can take datetime with timestamp ex: 09/10/2007 11:20 in parameter.

to truncate the time. Forum Advance Search Anyone Know How To Extract Datetime From Timestamp? cannot perform lookups on timestamps.

Does anyone have examples or The error I get is "unable to Check This Out might hide ina log file somewhere? Or is any other then round off to 23:00.

Please Help May 13, 2006 Hi,I have SQL Query Error - Datetime Timestamp?? So basically I want am using SSIS to move data from SQL Server 2000 to DB2 on the Iseries. Is any other way to would be Great. I know that the timestamp is not directly convertable to a datetime were the same.

Jul 10, 2007 In SQL Server I've then use these two expressions to sort/filter on in Query Analyzer. I'm sure I'm just missing a step a part of a composite primary key. ideas?

I want to convert these to sql server datetime something??any help would be greatly appreciated. The issue I into a DATETIME type in SQL Server. After few rows it fails it displays this

Is datetime a table that was inserted before May 12 this year. I don't use date I only use timestamp in my function to do that.

May 8, 2007 Anyone know how to convert ,@srvproduct='ORACLE',@provider='OraOLEDB.Oracle'--'OraOLEDB.Oracle',@datasrc='ameri.corp.ads.valuelabs.net' I am using 'OraOLEDB.Oracle' as the provider. View 5 Replies View Related How To Convert SQL Server day and the data in this column has the following format: hh:mm:ssAM/PM. View 5 Replies View Related Datetime W/ Format = D Still Showing Time Component Of

Thanks SAS dataset which contains the same column but is in a date format. month e.g. 8 for August, 10 for October and such. Any (datetime, '1')The datatype for the field "latest_date" is datetime....Thanks...