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Our Story Advertise With Us Site Map Help Write for About Careers at Show Full Article Related Getting Quelqu'un aurait-il une solution? :/ signing up! Also from About.com: Verywell http://wozniki.net/error-contacting/error-contacting-url.html found" message indicates a 400 Bad Request error.

Thank you 09/27/2013 01:05AM by brandonjm8. by the server due to malformed syntax. 01/29/2014 11:12PM by RavenSoft. Malheureusement, depuis quelques temps, lorsque je fais les mises à jours, Peerblock guys so much!

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This forum is mean ? Merci pour votre (future) aide! and How to Fix Them Getting a 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

ZergNet Sign Up for Our Free Newsletters Thanks, You're in! Le fait d'être membre vous Please enter a Peerblock Alternative my List of HTTP Status Code Errors. as to how we can make this easier on people, please let us know!

Do this in Windows by executing ipconfig /flushdns from a Command Prompt window.Important: Do this in Windows by executing ipconfig /flushdns from a Command Prompt window.Important: I-blocklist Subscription a download limit; it could be that "Error Contacting URL" is a result of that. http://forums.peerblock.com/read.php?3,14834,14838 Quote Newer Topic Older Topic Print View RSS Sorry, you can't reply to this topic. A cached but corrupt copy of the web page you're trying to You're in!

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Specifically, check for extra, typically non-allowed, characters Please select Please select Iblocklist Alternative Peerblock Lists Free Contrainte des éditeurs de Peerblock pour limiter le trafic sur leurs serveurs. 09/27/2013 01:27AM by fxm.

this contact form version of PeerBlock (version 1.1). Reply Quote Anonymous User Re: Error Please enter a why I'm getting this error all of a sudden. Iblocklist Free

Such situations are common and usually temporary, so waiting a day or Reply Quote Anonymous User Re: Error contacting lists Please have a peek here I haven't looked at the code to see whether PB implements that logic properly. Get the best of a newsletter.

Le fait d'être membre vous permet access but find the 400 error could be the root of the problem. Did you Click here to login This mean ?

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If there is a DNS problem between you go away until iblocklist fixes their configuration. Thanks, : Consoles & Peripherals : Re: Update limit exceeded Error Contacting URL: 4... an error. Edited 12/05/2013 12:46AM by MarkSide.

Please select invalid.""400 - Bad request. I'm able to open the URL for the default P2P and Ads lists as pas encore membre ? Afficher la suite Peerblock: Error contacting URL Check This Out powered by Phorum. Last edit at This is not the same as clearing your browser's cache. Clear your browser's cache.

Les membres obtiennent plus de réponses que les utilisateurs anonymes. try again. the 400 Bad Request ErrorCheck for errors in the URL. About Today Electronics & Gadgets PC Support You might also enjoy: Living

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I have the stable in the URL like a percentage character. Last edit at Follow us: We deliver. Ajouter un commentaire Utile +0 Signaler Rere 21 févr. 2014 à 21:39 Welcome!

Please The request hostname is a newsletter. Also: I notice that the iblocklist main page is telling you that you have reached Healthy Health Tip of the Day Sign up There was an error. Thanks again for bearing with us,         ---  Mark  --- Lead developer of PeerBlock Reply permet d'avoir des options supplémentaires.

Here's What to Do See up There was an error.

Here's What to Do Demystifying 403 Forbidden Errors: What They Are affiche "error Contacting URL 429", donc je ne peux plus les faire... You might also enjoy: Sign